Welcome to Eagle Rock Brewery Public House, where the intersection of craft beer and progressive dining are unified into an exquisite experience in a laid back environment.

Our seasonal produce, seafood and meats are all locally sourced, sustainable and humanely farmed. We meticulously prepare our dishes to allow you to taste how food should taste when it’s in its prime.

We look forward to you joining us for a delicious meal in the lovely neighborhood of Eagle Rock.

"Great Beer, even better food.
The cod sandwich on the brunch / lunch menu is awesome."

− Chris Zippert

"Really good food. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that really knows their stuff when it confess to the food they serve. Try the whole chicken in a bucket."

− Ben Castillo

"The best pulled pork sandwich, coming from my fiance that is saying something. The biscuits were also great. "

− Devo6500

"Great beer selection and close to my house. That's a dangerous combo. Staff is always friendly and good for a chat if you're interested. I haven't tried all the food but their chips and salad were good. "

− Matthew E.

"Excellent beer, good people and good food."

− Ben Solish

"Don't skip dessert either. The Churrones, which are fried beef tendons, very similar to chicharrons. You dip these in to his Mexican hot chocolate like fondue."

− Chris Zippert
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